Hydrasport Custom

Family Tradition bait table 18"  x 45" King starboard. Custom stainless and aluminum mount by Canvas and Towers. Table sits elevated 12" off gunnel, installs in seconds w no tools, fits either port or starboard,  can be left in place while rig is running, still allows for doors to be operated, and stows in receiver in deck fish box.


Costa Rica- Washer locker conversion. Before & After

location location location..on the spot (costa rica) fabrication. old washer locker converted to rod and reel locker. door jamb moved inboard, headliner and upholstery wall panels modified. suede covered locker, (6) tyrnos 30s, (4) talica 50s, (2) tiagra 50s, corresponding rods, (4) rigged talica 16s, (2) rigged LP s1200s. Nsatiabill


DaBait Spencer

rod / reel storage Cecil DaBait , spencer (4) 80s, (5) tiagra 50s, (5) tyrnos 50s, (32) rods. shelf left for future 20/30 mounts. black King starboard

custom rod storage Sportfishing Yachts
custom rod storage Sportfishing Yachts

Grey Ghost

woodencrab lowboy (12) spot rack. black King starboard. rod / reel storage by Jimmy on Grey Ghost. 80' Viking


MSR locker storage

msr hanging locker storage,  black King starboard. (2) 80s on bent butts, (4) tanacom bull 1000s, (5) 80 rods


Teak rod and reel holders

solid teak rod/ reel holders for owners garage. bulkhead mount, (8) 80s, (4) 50s, to be finished bright, lined with felt. dadoed construction, no fasteners


Companionway rod locker and hidden gun locker underneath.

companionway rod locker, (8) rigged penn 50s, (4) rigged penn 30s

hidden gun locker underneath, AR 15, (2) shotguns winchester and remington

hidden gun locker woodencrab woodworking
hidden gun locker woodencrab woodworking
hidden gun locker woodencrab woodworking

Inverted rod storage- Lions Den

Lions Den PSR inverted rod storage, (14) pieces


viking 70 flybridge cabinet

flybridge rod storage system for (8) tyrnos 20s and (4) tyrnos 30s, all rigged, in process on bench


installed in viking 70 flybridge cabinet


V berth bunk rod storage

v berth bunk rod storage - (6) rigged tiagra 16s and (2) shimano stella spinners.  all pieces complete with shock cords for lock down.



2) daiwa 3000s with rods, and (2) tanacom bull 1000s

Hanging locker


hanging locker with (10) rods, (6) 80s on butts, and hidden behind standpipe are (4) 50s. butts to be installed behind rods. install included solid maple trim rings on standpipe and repair of davit standpipe chase damage

custom rod storage sportfishing yachts woodencrab woodworking

Max Bet


Rigged rod storage on Spencer MAX BET!! tyrnos 30s and 20s, engine room companionway

custom rod storage sportfishing yachts woodencrab woodworking

Rod Storage


all aces on rod storage for Max Bet!!! small companionway locker 32" x 11" x 84" with (6) tiagra 80s, (10) tiagra 50s, (2) sexy new all black LP s1200s , and (16) rods!!

custom rod storage sportfishing yachts woodencrab woodworking
custom rod storage sportfishing yachts woodencrab woodworking
Lp s1200 reel cradle storage woodencrab woodworking

Custom spinning rack

untitled untitled-2

add another to the woodencrab club list!!!

install ready to roll... custom spinning rack for (10) spinners, (4) rigged tiagra 16s, and (4) rigged tiagra 30s